Oh! Such Style | Auckland Wedding Planning Internship

Thank you for your interest in joining the Oh! Such Style Team.We have had a tremendous amount of growth this year and have added another facet to our business…. The Internship Program.

Why are we doing this? Well, with business growth comes vacancies and so we are introducing a program that will help us find the best planners to add to our team as well as teach students what they really want to know. There are some amazing courses out there that can teach you the practical side of wedding planning and design BUT getting first-hand experience will always surpass what you can learn in books.

In a nutshell, our internship program is designed to better prepare students for the event-planning world and to equip future employees with the proper wedding design and planning skills required to maintain the integrity of our brand and client experience.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity to shadow a senior planner, work side-by-side with local vendors, experience real-life event problem solving and see things from conception to execution.


How does it work? Our internship program requires a six-month commitment and with the majority of our events being executed on Saturdays, most of that will involve weekends. You will be required to work a minimum of 6 events for the duration of your internship. Although the program is unpaid, interns may be compensated for large set ups if additional staff are required and we will also provide meals at each wedding we are present during and accommodation if required to travel.

In addition to the 6 events you will need to be available for at least 8 hours per week for behind the scenes “pre-wedding” planning, client meetings and brainstorming sessions.

As all paid positions will be promoted from within the company, team members will be required to complete our internship program so we can determine your abilities and evaluate the strengths you will bring to the team. With that being said, there is no requirement for you to continue on as a junior planner on completion of the program, nor is there a guarantee that you will be chosen to continue on with us. If after 6 months you would like to stay on as an intern, that is something we would consider once we have had a chance to discuss your future plans.

So, if after reading what our internship is about, you’d like to be considered to join our team – please send through a brief about who you are and what you’re about. As our business is primarily creative, we are always looking for like minded individuals so I can assure you that bonus points are given to those super creative submissions :)

Oh! Such Style | Auckland Wedding Styling Internship